Peggotty Investment Club

The Peggotty Investment Club is a student-run special interest club at Connecticut College.

Club members participate in actively managing an endowed scholarship fund of ~$125,000 (as of May 1, 2017) dealing exclusively with long positions amongst seven target equity sectors: consumer, energy, ETFs & mutual funds, financial, healthcare, industrial, and technology. Investment decisions adhere to a buy and hold strategy rooted in group made intrinsic value targets. About 5% of the value of the assets under management is given to financial aid each year. We are one of the few student investment clubs to do so.

The club's goal is to provide students with practical education and hands-on experience in financial markets. Club members analyze portfolio holdings, financial markets, and macroeconomic conditions. Weekly club meetings are held to discuss investment strategy and to promote financial education.

Peggotty's hierarchy promotes a transfer of knowledge throughout leadership branches. The club encourages a positive environment under which Connecticut College students interested in finance, banking, and investment strategy can collectively learn, and ultimately pursue careers in these fields.

If you have any queries please reach out to Max Chesky at